Choosing Keywords For Your Domain Name

A good domain name has to fit the vision of what you want your website site to be.

Before you choose your domain name you should consider your “site concept.” Every good website is built around a sound site concept – – the site concept is the central idea or theme of your website. This will help introduce you to your visitors, build your reputation and your credibility.

Every good domain name is born from a strong “USP:” your unique-selling-proposition; the unique spin that you will use to present your site concept and deliver your information; for this reason domains that have the main keyword in the names usually tend to do better.

With that said, if you are launching a new brand, your brand-name will make an excellent domain name as well.

You need to Use a Domain search tool

Do a search to find the strongest keywords related to your site concept. So you’ll create a domain name that is keyword strong and relevant to your brand. This strategy will help your domain rank highly for your visitors search results.

From your research you will see all the relevant names that are available, here you can choose which names will a best fit for your brand; so you will get a name that targets your visitors.

When you research the availability of your domain name ideas you also need to check for trade mark infringement; you don’t want to run the risk of getting into legal trouble after you have chosen and registered your name. Spend the time to do this so you won’t make potentially costly mistakes.

You don’t want to put your time and energy into developing a site only to get stuck with a bad name or having to start over.

Tips to choosing your keywords

Try to choose keywords for your domain that are narrow and cover the overall idea of your website; this way your domain name will be directly related to popular searches in your niche and it will drive traffic to your other pages as you build them.

Try to pick names that are easy to remember: they send a clear message of what your website is all about. Your visitors won’t have to struggle to remember your name when they want to re-visit your site.

One word domain names vs. domain names with hyphens; which do you choose, is one better than the other?

The general rule is to use at little hyphens/dashes as possible, however if you have a domain name with more than 3 words consider hyphens; they make sure that your domain name is clear and your visitors understand what it represents.

For long domain names putting the words together might change the meaning all together and send a completely different message: word combo’s can be confusing.

Have a look at these examples and make your own decision:

( – – vs. – – (
( – – vs. – – (
Most certainly use human judgment to make your final decision.

As Jonathan Burdon puts it; “Your domain name is your website’s identifier;” it’s the front door to your brand.

Be original – – never attempt to register a domain name that’s a copy of an existing domain. It makes you look like an amateur, and it sends a weak message about you online.

Facebook Business Strategy For Success

Social media marketing and Facebook marketing in particular has literally replaced blogs that business owners have traditionally relied on to promote their businesses. It is not surprising that every business, both small and large, now strive a strong presence on Facebook to take advantage of it’s over a billion registered users. Facebook has indeed become a major business promotion platform because of its many social media tools that you too can effectively make use of for business success.

There are certainly several strategies that you can employ to effectively advertise or market on Facebook. However, not all available strategies can be of benefit to your advertising campaign. A suitable Facebook business strategy for success depends on your type of business, size and amount of budget you are prepared to incur to advertise your business. Below are just some of the most popular and effective Facebook business strategies for success.

Off-Line Engagement

You do not need to restrict your Facebook advertising to Facebook users. Off-line engagement through event postings can create a viral wave about your business so long as you make use of such postings correctly. The secret lies in creating irresistible events that anyone cannot resist. You need to do this by crafting enticing headline, proper description and sending out irresistible invitations.

Virtual Keepsakes

This is a very effective strategy you cannot afford to ignore especially during and after an event. You need to take photos during events, photos that you eventually post on your Facebook business fan page. You can easily create a post-event buzz by inviting those who attended your event to tag themselves. The strategy has a long-term in effect as it keeps your fans coming back to your fan page to not only see their images but also to engage with your business.

Facebook Discussion Forums

This strategy is effective when you do not have a support forum on your traditional website. You can easily drive visitors from your traditional website to your Facebook fan page from where they can access necessary support. Managing the forum (under Discussion) is very important because you need to check new issues on a regular basis so as to give solutions where necessary.

Ad Promotion

Creating your business ad is a very effective Facebook business strategy for success. That should however not be the end of your advertising. You need to go a step further to promote your ad to a specific segment of Facebook users to enhance your success. You indeed have the opportunity to target Facebook users according to their age, location and interest among other demographics.

Photo/Video Collection

Many business owners advertising on Facebook have traditionally relied in posts and events to engage their Facebook page fans. Being creative can be a very effective strategy in promoting your business. One way to do this is to engage your fans in various activities. For instance, you can create a contest where your fans take photos/videos with your brand at special locations and ask them to upload the same to your Facebook fan page or to such other sites as YouTube. The positive effect such a contest can have on your advertising efforts can simply be rewarding.

As earlier indicated, there is simply no uniform Facebook business strategy for success that suits all businesses. You need to analyze your business with the aim of ascertaining what effective strategy to employ. Strategies available are not limited to those indicated above. There are certainly many others. The good thing with these strategies is that you do not need to spend a fortune to employ; you can indeed employ most of them at no cost.

How to Promote Your Website Without Spending A Dime

Many website owners can benefit from free online advertising. There are many resources on the internet to promote your business. I will give you some of the best resources without spending any money.

It is important to know that you must build up repeated organic traffic, this can only be achieved when you have useful, unique and valuable content.

The strategies mentioned below can easily help you increase website traffic, without having to participate in advertising campaign’s. Read on more below:

Free traffic from search engines

Submit your website manually to search engines after you optimized your website. Sometimes your page will not get indexed after you submit it, wait a couple of days and then repeat the process.

Optimizing overall appearance of your website

Make sure your website title, description and meta tags are correctly configured to the subject of your website. Search engines use these factors to place your site accurately for relevant traffic, this is also important for your website to stand out from the crowd.

Post actively on forums and blogs

Participate in forums where your target audience is reachable. Post useful responses to people’s questions, and include a signature with your website on your profile. Don’t spam, as you might likely be banned for doing so.

Submit articles or feedback that is useful to other people, it could be the next big thing that is most likely to be passed around by others to their friends, which is good for your viral marketing.

Publish an e-zine for your web site

E-zine is comparable to a newsletter, when people read your e-zine, they will be encouraged to visit your website for more information. You can find many free directories where you can add your digital newsletter.

Examples of free websites to add your e-zine is: EzineArticles and freesticky.

Start your own community online

Use a blog or online forum to build a group around your online business. Once your community starts to grow, more users will be motivated to participate. This method requires much patience.

Social Bookmarking

Submit your website to social bookmarking websites, this will add a backlink to your website, adding value in increasing your page rank.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a technique which is used to let other people sell your products. Imagine thousands of people promoting your website without spending any money, at least not until you make money and share it with your affiliate marketer. There are many good platforms to participate in.

Example: ClickBank.

Manage e-mail marketing for repeated traffic

Getting a lot of traffic to your website can be a difficult task. As you collect contact information and e-mail addresses of your visitors, you can send them newsletters regularly, driving them back to your website. Just make sure you have relevant traffic.

We have covered some important strategies in this article, before you perform these strategies, make sure you read more about the particular subject. A little bit of research can be handy, and will also help you figure out what you need to, to make your website successful.

Source of Site Traffic That Can Help You Get Past Google

Are you willing to invest in a more long-term and reliable organic traffic source for your website? Then let’s look at a search engine that can assist you in increasing your traffic.

Interview an Influencer or Get Interviewed by a High-traffic Website

Have you heard of Tim Ferriss, the author of the Four-Hour Work Week?

His podcast is nowadays a staple content type that he provides to his viewers. Tim’s show has world-class performers who share their insights on a variety of topics, and he is well-liked on social media. Do Tim’s fans enjoy the show? So far, the show has received over 50 million downloads. On most days, it’s the most popular business podcast on iTunes.

Interviews, whether on video or audio, are inherently conversational, lively, and engaging. The great aspect is that it’s a win-win situation for both sides. The interviewer is exposed to a new audience, while the interviewee is able to provide his website visitors with new fascinating and authoritative information. You can ask an industry influencer to share your interview with their followers on social media if you interview them. Consider the organic traffic you’ll get from their social media followers, which number in the hundreds of thousands. Consider the level of interest generated by a prior Derek Sivers interview on the Tim Ferriss Show. Derek shared the show’s URL with his 283K followers on Twitter. It won’t hurt if you establish a relationship with the influencer as a result of the interview.

Similarly, being interviewed by a high-ranking website can result in a significant increase in search engine traffic. Harsh Agrawal’s blog, Shoutmeloud, received 35,000+ views in a single day after he was profiled by YourStory. That was the blog’s most popular search engine traffic source (with 600,000+ monthly visitors). Because interviews provide consolidated value, they can be used as a long-term lead generating source for your company. Consider how many bloggers you’ve learned about through interviews on YouTube and other high-authority websites.

You may also conduct a Reddit AMA if you have a very compelling storey to tell. Mateen’s AMA got about generating $85,000 in profit by selling TeeSpring shirts/hoodies received 2000 page views. He also boosted the number of visitors to his website on a daily basis.

By registering as a source with HARO, you can also answer queries from journalists. On HARO, Christopher from Snappa came across this question from Inc Magazine about the future of content marketing. He swiftly responded with a thorough response. He was mentioned in Inc a few weeks later as a result of this. HARO is an excellent strategy to have your brand mentioned on authoritative news sites such as Entrepreneur and Inc. Those backlinks will enhance your search engine traffic and increase your marketing strategy by improving your reputation in Google’s eyes. Contact an SEO agency to find out how you can do this and how they can manage it for you while you work on the bottom line of your business.